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The Cast of Players

A short description of people I mention often in my diary:

Me: Peggy, 34, Anchorage, Alaska

Hubby: 36

C: daughter by adoption, 5�,

M: other daughter, 4

MIL: (stands for mother-in-law) hubby's mom, mid-60s

M*rgana: hubby's sister, 35, C's birthmom, alcoholic bitch from hell

�uke (BIL): hubby's brother, 33

M@rlene: �uke's wife, 35, four kids, bitch from hell

C@role: hubby's sister, 32, coke addict, twice divorced, three kids, another bitch from hell

Randy & Angela: our former downstairs neighbors in a previous residence, 27 & 22, potheads, asshole & bitch, have a 3-year old son, enjoy LOUD music (I don't write about them anymore)

Mark & Lissa: lazy former landlords whose only interest in that residence was the rent, the rest could go to hell for all they cared (I don't write about them anymore, either)

Mom & John: my mother and step-father. I don't mention them much though.

Sister & Kevin: My younger sister and her husband. They have two girls, ages 5 and 2. I don't mention them much either.

That's about it for now. I'll update as necessary.

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