Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004 | 5:09 a.m. Alaska Time

Moving In

I hate moving! I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT! We're just rarely satisfied with what we move into and when we are satisfied, some extenuating circumstance comes about, forcing us to move. Two examples: four years ago, we had great landlords and lived next door to MIL...until the landlords decided to sell the place but said they wouldn't until after we moved. So we moved into another great place (example #2). It was an upstairs unit of a duplex. It had a large living room, large kitchen, and the bedrooms were good sizes too. Fenced-in backyard with raspberry bushes. It was really nice...until pot smokers who liked their music loud moved in downstairs. The landlords were lazy and didn't give a shit about our situation so we had to break our one-year lease and move out after 10 months.

So now we have this new place (well, new to was built in the early 80's). It's a two-story side-by-side duplex. It's 220 square feet larger than our last place and $35 less per month. We're also not paying for as many utilities. And with C starting kindergarten next week, we'll be paying about a third less in daycare expenses. Maybe we can worry less about money now.

Our new landlady though...quite anal about everything. Her lease reads like a book and is about as long as a short novel. Good gravy, she's got everthing covered in it--from changing out the air filter in the furnace every 3 months to no kool-aid allowed (we don't let the girls drink it anyway) to no cutting without a cutting board! And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The neighborhood seems to be of the low-income variety too.

But we were getting desperate for a new place so grabbed the first nice place we saw.

I took a week off work to move and now I have to place catch-up with it. *sigh* I wish I didn't have to work.

So, yeah, we've got piles of boxes everywhere with stuff just waiting to be put away.

I set up the TV/VCR yesterday so C wouldn't be so bored. I didn't hook up the DVD player yet because the outlet was only of the two-outlet variety and I need three--four when the cable guy comes to hook up a cable box. Mental note to self: buy a four-outlet outlet thingy.

Put the couch together so C would have something other than the floor to sit on.

I also put the piano in place yesterday. We had to rent a u-haul trailer & dolly to move it. I must say, hubby and I did a pretty damn good job with just the both of us moving it--it weighs a ton!

I put the girls' bunkbed together all by myself and I must say...I did a better job than if hubby had helped. When we put it together last time, it was squeaky and a couple parts were loose. Now it's sturdy and quiet.

Plan for today: visit my grandmother who is now in Anchorage. I got an email from Dad saying she's in the 3rd stage of Alzheimer's and may not remember me, though she can remember stuff from 50 years ago...although that's going now too. He also mentioned she likes bananas, chocolate, soda, and ice cream, so I'll go shopping before I visit.

More plans for today: unpack more shit. Bathroom and kitchen stuff needs to be put away, boxes of clothes that need sorting, etc. etc. etc.

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Moving In
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