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Why I joined the diaryrings I joined:

Because we adopted C

Because I'm Alaskan

Because I enjoy making stuff (even though I don't get much of a chance anymore)

I don't have babyfever, yet, but my husband does! :o)

because I created it!

Because I was born at the right time

Because I love Classic Pooh

(see arts-n-crafts)

Because I've never done an illegal drug in my life (including pot)

Because I created the ring and am addicted to eBay

Because I'm so anal about grammar and spelling!

Because I have naturally green eyes

Because I'm an nth Irish (but isn't everybody?)
but more because my husband is mostly Irish

Because I was born in July

Because I know how to knit and enjoy doing it, when I can!

Because I'm left-handed

It says you have to have lupus to be a member
of this diaryring, but I joined because my sister has lupus

Thank God!

Because I'm a mama!

Mamas and Papas with Diaries : The Webring
Because I'm a mama with a diary!

Because I was baptized Methodist

Because I'm 1/8 Dutch and can sort of speak the language

Because it was the first one I knew about

Because I believe a woman has a right to
make her own choices about her body and life

Because I'm thirty-sumpin'

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